Experience winter... Hok skiing!

Winter lovers will be happy todiscover a new way to explore Vallée Bras-du-Nord with Hok skiing!

Self-guided Hok skiing, also known asskishoeing, will be available in Vallée Bras-du-Nord in 2020!

From the Shannahan welcome center andnear our yurt village, the Hok skiing areas we have developed are well marked,to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Hok skiing is an original way toexplore the magical landscape of the valley in winter, and provides an incrediblefeeling of floating lightly on the snow.

It's a must-do activity in ValléeBras-du-Nord!

**Hok skiing isa sport that combines alpine skiing and snowshoeing. The skins under these skisallow you to move faster than with snowshoes and provide a good grip, especially duringthe ascent. The gliding technique is not too complex to master and although agood physical shape allows a certain ease, you can slide without too muchdifficulty only after a few minutes. Balance and synchronization areput to the test, especially while going downhill, but the effort is rewarded tothose who know how to be persistent.

Dogs are not allowed. See our dog policy.

Period of time:
Early January to late March / earlyApril, depending on the snow conditions

Hok skiing rentals includes:

  • Hok skis withuniversal bindings. *The binding iscompatible with hiking boots.
  • Poles

Rental sizes:

The 125 cm Hok ski is the best substitute for snowshoeing. It is easy to control andto use for a skier with less skiing experience.

The 125 cm is more suitable for general use and as a replacement for snowshoes.

The 145 cm Hok ski has a little more of a “ski” feel and is more suitable for thosewho wish to use Hoks in a more top-down manner. The 145 cm has a little moreglide to it and offers more buoyancy for deep snow and taller skiers.

The 99 cm Balla Hok is an ideal ski for a child who is learning to ski. It is slowerthan an ordinary ski, but it is stable, simple to use. The Balla Hok,especially when combined with a universal binding as proposed, can fit for a 5years old child but can also fit for an 8 or 10 year old, depending on theskills of the child.

Hok skiing rentals

Adult (Hok | 125 or 145 cm) : 19$ /day (9am to 4 pm)

Child (BallaHok | 99 cm) : 12$ / day(9am to 4 pm)

Taxes not included. Access fee has to be paid per personper day.


Required equipment:

  • Access fee
  • Helmet (stronglyrecommended)
  • Skiinggoogles or sunglasses
  • Warm clothingand an extra pair of socks (multi-layering is best!)
  • Water and snacks

Communicate with us byphone: 1-800-321-4992 or book online

Bad weather:
In case of bad weather, we willcommunicate with you to cancel the activity. You will be granted a creditfor further use.

Daily pass
16 years old and +
Student / 65 years old +
7 to 15 years old
2 adults and their kids aged 16 or under
Mandatory pass sold at welcome points. Children under the age of 6 get in for free.
Taxes not included
Annual pass
Mandatory pass sold at welcome points. Children under the age of 6 get in for free.
Taxes not included