Refuge Le Montagne Art Shelter

Partially closed trail

The shelter is closed due to COVID-19. The trail is also closed between the shelters Montagne Art and Delaney Yurt.

Whether the shelter is a point of arrival or stop-over, a place of gathering or relaxing, its location was chosen carefully to offer a landmark on the territory of Vallée Bras-du North. All shelters offer a unique experience, with their architecture and a distinct history.

Closest access in Vallée Bras-du-Nord 4.2 km from Accueil Cantin. 350 meters of elevation
Maximum capacity 8 people
Room No room (dorm upstairs)

Is my dog allowed? See our dog policy.
Nearby activities

Less than 15 minutes away from any other activity in Vallée Bras-du-Nord


  • Wood stove (wood included)
  • Foam mattress / single (12 x)
  • Large pot and pan washer
  • Source of water (non-drinkable) near
Not included and restrictions
  • Campfire forbidden
  • Running water, dishes, pots and utensils, bedding and towels, propane stove and lighting
  • Hut without electricity or propane gas
  • Non-smoking
  • Hikers stop between 11h and 15h

Unlike the yurts in our village and La Clairière shelter, that are leased exclusively to groups, renting the shelter is community based. You book one or more places and others may join you, depending on the capacity of the refuge. During the day, hikers can also stop by for a break between 11am and 3pm.

Please note that all visitors must stop before their stay at main welcome point (Roquemont) to complete the final details of booking and get their right of access for activities.

Handy PDF files. Print them to plan your trip more easily!

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/night. A minimum of two nights is required. Access fees have to be paid per night and per person. Taxes not included.
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