Rando-canot-dodo package

A package unique in Quebec! An all-time favorite, without a doubt!

Forfait - Randonnée Canot - Camping

This getaway into mountains and rivers is quite enough to convince you of the rural splendor of the wild, glaciated Vallée-Bras-du-Nord!

Summary of the journey

Day 1: Hiking on 4,2 km (B4) / night at Montagne Art shelter (R6)
Day 2: Hiking on 11,4 km (B3) / night at Delaney Yurt shelter (R5)
Day 3: Hiking on 6,6 km (B2-B1) / 17.5 km by canoe

Carte du forfait Canot - Randonnée - Hébergement - Canot

Detailed summary

Day 1: From Accueil Cantin, cross the 4,2 km hike (B4) that separates you from Montagne art shelter (R6). This adventure represents a very interesting physical challenge that leads you to a fantastic place to enjoy the country side of the Valley, while unveiling a spectacular view.
Day 2: Hike the 11,4 km Bras-du-Nord trail (B3) that separates you from Delaney Yurt shelter (R5). You will be surrounded by nature on the ridges, and be a witness to the many scenic points of view, including the ultimate one, your overnight stop!
Day 3: Enjoy the last 6,6 kilometers of trails (B2, B1) to Accueil Shannahan and navigate 17.5 km down Bras-du-Nord River. You will be charmed by this route in calm water at the very heart of the rugged mountains, with stunning views of the beautiful Delaney fall.

This package is available from mid-May to mid-October.

  • Dogs are prohibited on the river
  • Inflatable boats are prohibited on the river with the exceptions of paddle boards, inflatable canoes and kayaks.
  • Baggage transport is not available. The participants must carry all equipment in the canoe during the activity.
  • There is a maximum of two people per canoe for this activity.
  • Les embarcations gonflables sont proscrites à l’exception des planches à pagaies, canots et kayaks gonflables

Ce parcours de longue randonnée s'adresse uniquement à une clientèle d'expérience. Remplir le questionnaire sur la longue randonnée.

Dogs are not allowed. See our dog policy.

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Per person, double occupancy

Taxes not included. This package includes: two nights at a shelter, the right of access to the network and canoe rental with life jackets and paddles.

No shuttle required as your starting point is your arrival point.

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Forfait Canot - Randonnée - Hébergement - Canot