Philosore crossing package

A three day privileged immersion in nature!

Forfait Traversé du Philosore

Summary of the journey

Day 1: Shuttle between Accueil Perthuis et Mauvaise / 7.7 km hike (H1) or 9.8 km (P1) / night at l'Orignal shelter (R7)
Day 2: Hike on 11.8 km (P2) / night at Philosore shelter (R8)
Day 3: Hike on 8.6 km (P3)

Detailed summary

Day 1: From Accueil Perthuis, you’ll go through the first 30 km in a shuttle that takes you to Accueil Mauvaise. A forest road leads you to the 2 km Philosore trail, which is certainly the most authentic immersion into Vallée Bras-du-Nord’s trail network. Your journey will take you along 7.7 km of discoveries (HI) or 9.8 km (P1) to l'Orignal shelter (R7) for your first night.
Day 2: This 11.8 km journey (P2) will engage you in the adventure! This wild mountainside forgotten by civilization is inhabited by lakes and fields, amazing places for watching moose and great blue herons. An overhead view of the lake Philosore invites you, at the last kilometer, to the cozy shelter that borders the lake (R8).
Day 3: Leaving Philosore shelter (R8), the scenery offers its splendor at the heart of mature trees and mountain curves. Wetlands seem to make the green and lush flora sparkle. The dense forest announces the last kilometer of the 8.6 km run (P3) to Accueil Perthuis, where your vehicle awaits you.

Crossing the Philosore is achievable in one direction or the other. In the winter however, we suggest starting at Accueil Mauvaise where the road conditions require a 4x4 vehicle. You will avoid having to take this route with your own vehicle, as our shuttle drops you at the starting point.

In the summer, the journey can be made from the welcome point that suits you best.

This package is available from June to March.

Hunting period : call us to have more information.

No camping will be allowed around the cottages.

Ce parcours de longue randonnée s'adresse uniquement à une clientèle d'expérience. Consultez le questionnaire sur la longue randonnée.

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Per person quadruple occupancy. Taxes not included.

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