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Everything you need to know about mountain biking in Quebec

Frequently asked questions

In which sector should I start for a first experience on a mountain bike?
We suggest, without hesitation, to start smoothly with the Shannahan sector, which offers a beautiful range of beginner to intermediate trails. The Saint-Raymond sector requires an intermediate level of experience, in more abrupt and technical terrain.
Can I use my mountain bike or should I rent one?

The bike you use can make a significant difference between a good and a bad experience. Your bike should be designed to your size, in good condition and adapted to the terrain, with at least front suspension. Your tires should be well studded (and inflated to the recommended pressure).

If your bike does not meet those basic criteria, we recommend to make a rental adapted to your needs.

What do we need to bring?

Plan to bring: 

  • A photo ID for the purpose of the bike rental. It will be kept in deposit during your rental.
  • A solid helmet designed for mountain biking (bike rental includes helmet).
  • Comfortable sneakers with a grippy sole like those for running or training. They will stick well to the pedals, but also on a steep climb or descent if you have to walk a section.
  • Sport-appropriate clothing (shorts or cycling shorts, t-shirt)
  • Gloves and protections for the elbows and knees are recommended to protect you during falls. We do not rent protection kits.
  • A bike bottle (rental bikes are equipped with a standard bottle holder)
  • Energy snacks
  • A dinner if you plan to spend the day (there is no food service in the Shannahan area)
  • A small repair kit to repair a broken chain, a puncture, etc.
  • Mosquito repellent (mostly suggested at the beginning of the season)
Can I start with my clipless pedals?
We suggest experimenting with flat pedals for the first few outings, even if you have a lot of road bike experience with them. Mountain biking is very different from road biking, you risk experiencing additional stress that will add nothing to your performance.
Can we ride when it's raining?
The trails are, in general, still rideable unless significant showers. Note however that obstacles in wet terrain (bridges, roots, rocks, curves and descents) should be approached with greater caution to avoid slipping and falling. 
Can I ride alone on the trail?
It is better to be with a buddy. A partner can make all the difference in maintaining a good level of pleasure and motivation. In case of a mechanical breakdown or an injury, you will have someone to rely on to help you or to get help for you. Trail riding with an experienced person can also help you progress by being well advised. However, be careful to respect your own pace.
Do you offer introductory bike lessons?
We offer a half-day mountain bike introductory course in the Shannahan sector. This course is intended for a beginner clientele, aged at least 8 years old.
Are dogs allowed in the mountain bike trails?
Dogs are not allowed in the mountain bike trails. Your dog should never be left alone in an accommodation, inside or outside (cottage, yurt, shelter, tent, camper or vehicle). Your dog must be under the supervision of a responsible person at all times. See our dog policy.


All trails are classified according to their level of difficulty and the skills they require. The more difficult the trail, the more it contains obstacles that require a particular technique.

Sentier facile


Sentier de niveau intermédiaire


Sentier difficile


Sentier facile

Very difficult

Vallée Bras-du-Nord

Allour  trails are well marked with signs. Here's what they meann:

Passage facile

Indicates the easiest option in the trail

Obstacle dans le sentier

Indicates an important obstacle

Sentiers avec saut

Indicates a break in the path and the need to jump

Partage route auto et vélo

Indicates a road shared at risk, where speed must be moderated to the maximum

Roulez à la file indienne

Indicates the need to ride in a single file when sharing the road with cars and heavy trucks

Sens unique

Indicates a one-way trail: do not enter

Sens unique

For safety reasons: dogs are not allowed in the mountain bike trails. See our dog policy.

Click here to read the whole trail ethics document.

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