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With 80 km of trails for hiking and snowshoeing, 100 km of mountain biking paths including 65 km of singletracks and a 17.5 km river run, Vallée Bras-du-Nord is the ideal outdoor destination! We also offer activities such as canyoning, Via Ferrata, Fat Bike and back-country skiing.

Today 09/21/2020

VERY important message | Thanks for sharing this information

Campers are now prohibited in the Shannahan and Cantin reception parking lots.

We are forced to make the decision to ban overnight stays for campers and RVs from today on our sites.

Municipal regulations do not allow us to accommodate these motorized vehicles in our parking areas.

The season is well underway and the ridership attests to this. We are extremely grateful and wish to be able to meet the growing need for parking space. This decision will also help us in this regard.

Rest assured that we will work on solutions for the future. However, we need time to get it right.

We invite you to plan your stay quickly by reserving spaces on a campsite or in other places allowing motorized vehicles. The Etsanha campsite has recently extended its service offer, do not hesitate to contact them.

We greatly need your cooperation. We hope to be able to focus our efforts on providing you with a memorable experience.

Thank you!